Covid-19 Update

Positive News for Independent Bookshops

Fantastic to hear some positive news from independent bookshop owners as they note there has been “an incredible surge in conscientious shopping” with people “eager to support local and independent” and move away from dominant sites such as Amazon, resulting in a great demand for online orders. Click on the full article below. Source: …

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Now is the time to write that novel you always wanted to

Source: Great article about finally starting to work on that novel you have always wanted to, as you self-isolate, including five tips for would-be authors. We at Lettertec are here to provide you with expert advice and assistance throughout the entire process of publishing your book.  

Success Bound – Choosing the Right Printer and Bookbinder

If you’ve ever opened a book that is bound using hot glue or PUR, you’ll be aware of how it can resist opening flat so you may have to adjust the way you hold it just to see read words see the images closer to the spine. This isn’t a huge problem and is something …

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