Covid-19 Update October 2020


Educational Publishing

Lettertec has a portfolio of publications produced for the Irish education sector. We are always interested in ideas for new products and welcome proposals from both first time and experienced authors.

Publishing for education


Preview of books printed by Lettertec

Publish your book quickly and easily using our help. We have a wide range of low cost services that help you to design, create and sell your books.

Our new and improved dedicated website, gives you details on our ever growing services, examples of our work and most importantly, information on how much it costs. Our prices are open and transparent so that you will know how much it will cost to publish your book.

In just a matter of weeks, we can turn your manuscript into a finished book, joining hundreds of our happy customers on the bookshelves of Ireland and across the world.

  • Full retail quality, large or small quantities, in a fraction of the time, fraction of the cost
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  • We prepare and distribute your book for epublishing
  • We offer several services and products to help you to sell your book including online sales and print promotion
  • Our editors are client-focused and maintain communication with authors throughout the editorial process
  • We provide you with a consultant to work with you, side by side, every step of the way to help you with your book